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Dr. Melisa Lee Wan Zhen

Dr. Melisa Lee Wan Zhen

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (KLE VK)

Certified Invisalign Provider

Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (European Int. University)

Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics (Aus)

Registered with the Malaysian Dental Council

Member of Malaysian Dental Association

Academic and Professional Achievements:

Dr. Melisa is an amazing dental surgeon who is loved by all her patients young and old, for her fun and cheerful personality.

Dr. Melisa graduated from KLE University India in year 2015 and was awarded a Bachelors of Dental Surgery with First Class Honours.

After graduating, Dr. Melisa worked as a Dental Officer for the Ministry of Health Malaysia at Sarawak for two years while developing her skills.

As a dentist who has taken a keen interest in both dental and facial aesthetics, Dr. Melisa also obtained a Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine to gain a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetic characteristics of a person’s face and teeth, and how these two essential elements must complement each other when one wishes to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcome.

Even up to this day, Dr. Melisa actively attends dental courses to develop her skills and knowledge as she firmly believes that dentistry is an ever evolving profession where the learning never ends.


“A visit to your regular dentist should be a relaxing, enjoyable and fun experience while taking care of your oral needs. My goal as a dentist is to not only help you maintain your oral health, but to also help instil confidence in your smile with healthy & beautiful teeth.”

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