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Practice Clinical Manager

Yana is one of the key people in Smile & Co. Dental and has been around since we first opened in 2019. Due to her being with us since the practice's inception, she is able to manage or work in any department, may it be with the clinical team as a Treatment Coordinator or the front desk as a Customer Relations Liaison. As Yana has the passion and dream of becoming a dental hygienist one day, she is committed to managing the practice’s standards for health, safety and patient care. She is also known for supporting all members of our team and we couldn’t imagine a day without her.  



Treatment Coordinator

Fara is probably the most fun and bubbly person you will ever meet at Smile & Co. Dental and is quick to put a smile on the face of anyone who visits us. Although she is always seen to be joking around and making us laugh, she is always well-organised, dependable and ready to work. She loves being part of a patient’s journey from beginning to the end and observing how a beautiful smile can have a positive impact on those who visit us. 



Treatment Coordinator

Adillah is an extremely helpful member of the team at Smile & Co. Dental and constantly strives to be the best at her job to provide a comfortable and happy environment for all of our patients. She always has a smile on her face and can be seen smiling and helping patients during their appointments and guiding them during their treatment. One thing that can be said about Adillah is that she is the true embodiment of the practice’s name, Smile & Co. Dental. 

yen roong.JPG

Yen Roong

Dental Assistant

Yen Roong is one of the younger team members of Smile & Co. Dental and has always been interested in the field of healthcare. Although youthful in years, she has been found to be extremely hardworking and mature for her age. After joining us as a Dental Assistant at Smile & Co. Dental, we are glad to announce that she has been inspired to become a dentist one day. 

xiao xuan.JPG

Xiao Xuan

Dental Assistant

Introducing our lovely Xiao Xuan, the youngest member of our team, another amazingly young but talented member to join us at the practice. She is an absolute credit to the team at Smile & Co. Dental and has been found to be amazingly responsible and reliable. She always goes the extra mile to ensure that patients are comfortable and happy during their visits and genuinely cares about the quality of treatment that is provided to our patients.  



Dental Assistant

Shirley has just graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the International Medical University and has joined our team as she awaits her call to join the Ministry of Health for her compulsory service as a dentist. She is such a talented person and absolute delight to have around and we are sure that she will be an amazing dentist in the near future.  



Dental Assistant

Sara has been part of the team at Smile & Co. Dental Clinic since 2021 and is always there to lend us a hand when we need one. She truly enjoys being part of our team and we are so happy to have such a helpful, dependable and wonderful person at the practice daily.  




Aziera is one of the friendly voices that will greet you if you choose to contact or visit Smile & Co. Dental one day. She is both knowledgeable and informative with regards to our treatments and is extremely courteous to everyone she talks to. All of our patients love her for her friendly nature and Aziera enjoys interacting with patients whenever they pay us a visit. 

sue yi.JPG

Sue Yi


A big part of your healthcare experience depends on first impressions and we are proud to have Sue Yi as an invaluable member of the team. She graduated from the University of Nottingham Malaysia with a Bachelor Sc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences and decided to kick off her dental career with Smile & Co. Dental when she joined us in 2021. Her gentle nature and warm smile is sure to put anyone at ease when visiting us and she is willing to answer any of your questions whether big or small.  

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